Dynamic Light, Inc is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in May 2018. Dynamic Light’s mission is to enable real-time blood flow imaging to improve patient care and lower health care costs. Our technology supports better decision making by providing physicians continuous, quantitative, and high-resolution visualization of perfusion.


Len Pagliaro PhD

Andrew Dunn PhD

David Miller PhD

Tony Manuel MD

Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO and Co-founder

Len has 20 years of experience with successful commercialization of biotechnology products, services, and technology licensing. He has managed R&D and business teams, and developed product, service, and technology licensing programs from inception to revenues to profitability in 2 previous biotech startups. He managed P&L for a business unit of ThermoFisher Scientific, selling tools and services for drug discovery, after successful acquisition of BioImage A/S, a Danish biotech he helped found. Len started commercialization at BioImage from concept to $1M in revenue in 1 year, revenues tripled in each of the following 2 years, and after acquisition and integration by Thermo, his P&L grew to $26M. A small molecule oncology therapeutic project he led was successfully partnered with TopoTarget and is now in the clinic. Most recently he co-founded Siva Therapeutics, where he developed a business plan, recruited a management team, assembled a strong and growing IP portfolio, and raised founding capital which included >$1.7 million in grants.

Andrew Dunn, PhD, CSO and Co-founder

Andrew is the Director of the Center for Emerging Imaging Technologies and is a Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department of The University of Texas at Austin. Andrew's research is focused on developing novel optical imaging techniques for imaging brain function. His laboratory integrates innovative photonics and computational techniques and applies them to research questions in areas such as stroke, migraine, functional mapping during neurosurgery, and Alzheimer’s disease. One of the techniques Andrew has developed is laser speckle contrast imaging of blood flow, which he has used to dynamically image the cerebral blood flow changes during stroke, migraine and normal brain activation. Andrew works closely with neuroscientists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons in the application of these imaging techniques to various problems related to brain function. He is a founder of, and leader in, the field of laser speckle imaging and, in particular, implementation of continuous, real-time, high resolution speckle imaging enabled by sophisticated proprietary algorithms and software libraries. Andrew and his laboratory team have authored many of the seminal papers in the field, and have conducted human clinical trials with his technologies, as well as extensive animal studies.

David Miller, PhD, CTO and Co-founder

David has been involved in the development of speckle imaging technologies in Andrew's laboratory, and has played a key role in the formation of Dynamic Light. David participated in the Texas Health Catalyst accelerator program and the National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. David leads the ongoing clinical studies, and further development of speckle imaging technology.


Tony Manuel, MD, MMM

Tony servies as an anesthesiologist with the Capital Anesthesiology Association, and holds leadership positions including President of the Network Medical Staff, Seton Healthcare Family of Hospitals in Austin, and Chair of the Department Faculty Council at University of Texas Dell Medical School in Austin. Tony received his MD degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and more recently a Master’s in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.