Clinical Research Evidence

Dynamic Light's SpeckleView® technology has 20 years of research evidence to support its utility in the operating room. Back in 2001, co-founder Andrew Dunn demonstrated the first use of laser speckle to image blood flow in a rodent brain. Andrew Dunn translated the use of laser speckle to the operating room and published the seminal paper in 2010 demonstrating the ability of SpeckleView technology to monitor cerebral blood flow during neurosurgery. This was followed with a demonstration of SpeckleView technology with an endoscope in 2013. A 2014 paper showed the utility of SpeckleView technology in 10 neurosurgery patients, followed by a 2017 demonstration of quantitative blood flow monitoring in 8 neurosurgery cases. A recent 2022 manuscript directly compared SpeckleView with indocyanine green angiography demonstrating that the techniques provide different, yet complementary information about vessel perfusion.